Live aboard to Sail Away, Part 2

Part 2:
Live aboard to Sail Away
When you decide that sailing around the world is in your future, then living aboard a boat is not that difficult. Most “blue water” boats are designed for long term life support; as such, these boats provide the basic essentials needed to support a live aboard lifestyle.
When I first started looking for a boat I had just a few basic requirements that are divide into two groups. One group for sailing single handed, the other for life. The first group includes:
  1. 1) Less than 46' in length,
  • 2) Draft of 6.5' or less,
  • 3) Substantial water and fuel storage,
  • 4) Flexible sail plan,
  • 5) All critical controls led back to the cockpit
  • 6) Easy transverse from stern to bow, and a
  • 7) Proven blue water design.
  • The second group:
    1. 1) Separate standup shower,
    2) Functional galley,
    3) Comfortable aft cabin,
    4) Heat,
    5) Minimum brightwork, and
    6) Storage space.

    In addition there are a few other items to consider, such as downsizing, provisioning, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and life aboard as seasons change. Given this basis, we began our search for a new home.