Budget Marine let me down

I ordered a charge controller one month ago. It was to be shipped in two weeks. I emailed on the second and third weeks and went down there three times. On the third time today, one month after the order they told me that they decided not to place the order because they would have to buy 5 and they didn't want the other 4 in their inventory. The note on the record showed that they knew this within a few days of the order, but nobody tried to contact me and every time I went there and every email I sent included my return email address (they have no problems emailing me marketing materials, but can't email me about an expensive item I paid for in advance) I'm not happy.
Island Water World will get more of my business now. Oh and Island Water World had a similar product that I picked up, in stock.
Never grate cheese on board with Jupiter. He is all nose now that he is bind and he crawls around my feet and in the galley for 30min or more after I grate stinky monk cheese!! He is so cute.