Sunday moring adventure

At 7:30 this morning a boat came by and said that we had to move cause a 200ft tow with a barge is coming in to port. I told them that his prop was fouled and they said they would help. So I started pulling up the anchor and cleaning the chain (lots of oysters, crabs and soft coral. The adventure started when the 90ft mark went into the locker and the chain stop hard (we are only in 24ft of water). So I waited for a few minutes and the wave action and the boat bobbing eventually broke it lose... As I pulled up the chain more I saw an anchor, but it wasn't my anchor!!! Our chain had wrapped twice through the flukes and once around another anchor that still was attached to a chain (and likely a sunken boat). After many tries the small boat came back and with some help and a few lines we managed to untangle the mess. Once I had the anchor up the boat wouldn't go forward (the prop is fouled with oysters). So with some more help we got towed about 200 ft back and reset the anchor. Great way to wake up on Sunday Morning ;)