St. Barth

We are in St. Baths for a few days. If you want to shop in NY but it is too cold, come here. Clearly the locals can't shop here. Wow, every high-end shop you can image but I didn't see Neiman Marcus or Sacks but I didn't walk the entire water front.
Over confidence in Rocna Anchors… A very expensive Hinkley boat anchored in front of me today and they immediately launched their dink and when to town. Within 15min it was apparent that they were dragging. I put up finders and radioed the local port authority to let them know and that I would be watching. They said they would send someone out. About 15 min later the anchor broke lose of its hold. I radioed a PAN PAN put up a fender on the back side of my boat and blasted my horn to notify other boats that there is a disaster about to happen. About 30 seconds later the port authority showed up and boarded the boat adrift and they tried to set the anchor before she hit the rocks. No luck, so they fired up the engine and pulled up the anchor. I thought I might have to start my boat and swing her away as the bow approached closer and closer as the pulled up the anchor. About 10 meters from my stern she stopped advancing. I could see no markings on the chain to indicate the amount of chain, not sure how the owner knows how much chain they have out, but it looked like a 4:1 ratio (not enough) and when the anchor popped out of the water it was a Huge Rocna Anchor… These are good anchors and if you believe the lit on them, they never drag…. bull.
I think we will be heading to Nevis next.