Super U and French Bread

I went to a local Bistro for lunch today while walking back from Shrimpy's (Shrimpy's is the local cruiser's laundry, boat stuff, and source of local boating info (VHF 10)). I haven't had a baguette sandwich like that since Olde Time Grocery in Lafayette and I couldn't eat it all. In Virginia/Maryland all the grocery stores and bakeries have the same BAD recipe for baguettes. This was the real thing!
I also walked to the Super U market to get a few things since tomorrow is both Sunday and New Year's Day. Most things will be closed. This is a big super market that sell everything and the prices are far better than the BVI stores or the USA stores. The lady in line ahead of me purchased 12 whole fryers and two bags of oranges for 28 Euros! That's 2 Euros for each chicken. Try doing that in the USA. I know where I'll provision the boat (including frozen chicken for puppy food). I didn't check the price for wine, but it's got to be better than what I was paying in the Virgin Islands. I switched to beer cause the wine was so expensive. I picked up a 6-pack of DIET COKE while shopping! I haven't had a Diet Coke in almost a month and the first one went down fast. I guzzled it so fast that my nose was stinging from the fizz. The second one when down a bit slower.
The chandleries are all closed today and tomorrow. A South African couple have offered to take me up to Cole Bay on Monday in their dinghy to do some shopping for boat stuff.
I fixed the bow lights, again, (for the fourth time) but i still need to seal the bottoms to stop waves from forcing salt water into the fittings. I also fixed the bilge pump and the two forward small hatches (I hope they are fixed, we'll find out next time I take on green water). They were squirting water into the cabin when the big waves would hit and nobody wants sea water spraying inside their boat.
There is no Sunshine in paradise today. Cloudy with sporadic rain. Happy New Year to all!