Day 2 Nevis

I pulled up to the Charlestown dink dock today to check out and when I walked down the dock after checking out I had flashback of a large shark being chopped up on the dock by fishermen and people haggling for parts. I look down the road and there was Vicks Bar where we had beer while watching the shark be slaughtered. This was weird, I never made much of the screen when it happened many years ago, but now it just all came rushing back as I walked down the docks in Nevis.
I found dasheen in the market. Guess I'm far enough south where they eat this still. I picked up a small one, not sure how I'm going to prepare it yet.
Then the mooring ball is fouled, in the light winds we drifted round and round and tangled in the mooring. That was a bit of a mess to fix, the neighbor (So Blessed) came by to help get the last couple or wraps and twists off. I'm glad that is done, now I can haul up the dink tonight and get ready to depart for Montserrat in the morning. I sure hope the wind keeps blowing so I don't have a fouled mooring in the morning.
I did a load of laundry today, most of my long sleeve shirts were in the bin to be washed.
The dogs and I went to the beach this afternoon, can't let them go by themselves, and this morning we went for a long swim. The water is really nice and the waves small. I stood in about 3 feet of water and held them on their tethers while they swam and swam. It took them a while to get use to the swells coming in and out from the beach but they worked it out. They slept until 10:30 this morning without moving a bit. They had a hard day sailing, beach play, and partying at Sunshine's Bar and grill. I've never seen the sleep this late.