Celebrity dogs

We went to shore today for normal shopping and the "cruise boat" must have been in Road Town cause the dock here at Sopers Hole was full of tourist taking picture of Cinco and Jupiter as we pulled up to the dinghy dock. The pups were a big hit in their little live vests. Must have been 50 cameras focused on them and they were very well behaved and not that barky.
Cinco has a Vet appointment on Tuesday at Nanny Cay to get his Rabies shot update and deal this is conjunctivitus. After that we will move to a new anchorage in BVI's.
Just made a new batch of puppy jambalaya… The pups were watching every step of the process in hopes that I would spill some on the floor.
Met the crew of Orion will hook up with the tonight and listen to a local blues players (puppies included).
Talked to Larry today. They may join us some day in the future.
Fired up the engine to charge the batts today… not much sunshine, lots of rain and mild winds at Sopers Hole.
Still have to pull out the go pro. Walked to Nanny Cay yesterday and that would have made for some nice photos, may bike there on Tuesday with the dogs in the bags.