Grenada has great CHOCOLATE!!!

I found one of the hidden CHOCOLATE Bars after dinner!!! :) ;) Oh, Grenada has some of the best dark chocolate in the world. Really this stuff is wonderful. The beans and the sugar are all grown within a couple miles of the chocolate factories… No milk used… pure 100% or less chocolate. I like the 70% with or without nibs… This stuff will curl you toes!!! And i've eaten 1/2 of a bar of 70% chocolate with sea salt…. YUM! YUM! YUM! The flavors linger sooooo loooong… Grenada has AMASSING CHOCOLATE See if your local store can import it!!! Definitely worth every penny paid.
Another thing that has change in Grenada since I was here 25+ years ago —They have Coffee!!! Yes, they have always grown the beans but being a BRITISH Island everyone would drink tea…. Great tea and well prepared, but not coffee. The only coffee you could find was "nescafe" instant…UGH PUKE!@#! So we always carried our own Cajun Coffee when we came to the West Indies… Well now there is - Grenada "Grand Etang" Roasted coffee that is as good as any dark roast I've had. It's better than Pete's French Roast or Community Pack a'Rouge. See if you local store can import it as well!!! I've already consumed 5lbs of the stuff and started drinking coffee every morning (something I haven't done in many years).