Almost Legal Again

Today I went to get my cruising permit updated (I thought they had issued a 3 month permit, but they didn't). They issued a 3 month visa but only a one month cruising permit. I have to have my visa updated and usually, here in Grenada, you get your cruising permit updated before you update your visa. Well, after some discussion with the customs office they explained why they do not issue more than one month on entry for the cruising permit. Okay I understand their logic. So now I have to get my visa extended (they explained that it expired on the 13th I though it expired on the 18th - sloppy hand writing in my passport). So right now I'm only partly legal in Grenada. This is usually not a problem. I don't expect anyone to show up and separate me from my dogs so that I can be deported. This is a civilized country (UK commonwealth) after all.
On Monday I'll be on the Number 2 bus to the ministry complex to get my visa extended. While in down town St. George, I may have to walk through the market and have lunch. Overall it should be a nice day.
Another tropical wave is expected to hit us Sunday night into Monday (I hope we get lots of rain to help fill my tanks with sweet rain water).