Tick Infestation and the lies of the pet industry

The products sold to you by the pet industry do not work… I have had a tick infestation for over 4 months and the ticks love to hand out on my dogs under their Suresto collars and we have moved through may different versions of ADVANTIX (plus etc) none of the crap works. These things are supposed to kill ticks and fees yet every day I pull 30 or more live ticks off of my dogs, most of them feeding in the dogs ears or under their tick collars. Nothing made by these companies appear to work. I have twice sprayed my boat tight SVERN and then cleaned up several days later so we would not die from the pesticide… I have tick spray that I use on the dog every week and we have tick shampoo that is used every two weeks. None of this crap works! I have spread diatom and borax all over the living space hoping that diatomaceous earth will kill these buggers without killing us.