Taxes filed and canning food

Taxes have been filed with the help of Jupiter. We are getting a little bit back this year thanks to my high salary and only working 9 months.
I started canning food today. I have to defrost the freezer every two or three months to the best way to keep food is to can it. Yes there are some things that will still be kept frozen, but it has to be a small quantity by the time we are defrosting the freezer. Tonight I'm making Italian sauces and will can most of it for later consumption. This friday I will go shopping again with Silver Penny (in a rented car) to get more Mason Jars and about 20 lbs of chicken. My plan is to can the chicken and peas for the dog food in quart jars so that all I'll have to do is cook the rice and mix it together. Currently I'm keeping 10 lbs of chicken in the freezer for dog food, but when I defrost I have to cook it all… This will save me that hassle. Instead I'll have many qt jars of chicken and peas already cooked, deboned and canned.
I have a dentist appointment on Thursday to get my teeth cleaned. I have my latest X-rays on the computer and I'll get them to check a crown that is causing problems. Once that is done, I just have to fill up with diesel and provision and we will be heading down island to Antigua.
I started taking pictures. Some of them may show up here or on Jupiter's Facebook page.