Very windy today

The winds are to be 15 to 20. They are running 18 to 28kts instead. Nice for making power with the wind generator.
Last night I went to Pink Iguana for an Electric Violin Trio. It was awesome entertainment. Tonight I think I will be joining a few cruisers for a french/vietnamese restaurant.
Saturday is a big pork roast on Explorer Island. I'll have to bring the pups on that one, I do hope they behave.
Today was grocery shopping, the police no longer let people ride in the back of the truck, so some of us walk to the store, but it took and extra 1/2 hour to get a ride back.
I'm planning to be in Antigua for the Classic Boat Regatta that starts on April 18th or 19th. I'm waiting for some part for the new solar panels and then I'll be waiting for a weather window to head east-southeast towards Antigua.
Not much else going on, just relaxing with the pups.