Last Day in Bequia SVG

The mail service is having my FedEx package recalled since they can't get it to me in 20 days. I should get it in Grenada as we will head there in the morning.
I checked out today from SVG and did some shopping for a few things that are unique here in SVG… Food items to share with visitors in Grenada.
Windy today. Yesterday when I anchored a German boat was bitching that I was in their swing room. I asked how much rode they had and he said 30 meters. So after setting my anchor I pull some of it in until I was at 30 meters (I did not like that as I was in 22ft of water). This morning when the wind blew up I dragged, so I went forward and set out 150ft of chain, but this put me on top of another boat's anchor (drag plus extra chain). When they were ready to leave, I started my engine and pulled my boat forward so they could retrieve their anchor, then I set back down on my 120ft of chain. The German boat next to me is dragging, but unaware of the situation. They are now on my beam and it is now their problem, not mine. :) . We will be leaving shortly after sunrise (when the coffee is made). Back to Grenada to begin boat maintenance.