So far, I like this place. I had to find a Canadian boat to help me recharge my DigiCell phone. DigiCell sucks for internet access its 1G. So I'm planning to go ashore to the Dive shop and see if they have WiFi. I I did some provisioning, 84Euros worth for just two bags, so it is not cheap here at this town, though the next stop has a CarrFour grocery store accessible by Dink. So I'll do more provisioning there. I think I'll have to get an Orange or Lime SIM card for my phone to get better speed. How is DigiCell still in business? I don't know. They sucked in St. Martins and they suck here too. But I do have a good voice connection; however, Internet access is more important to me than voice.
Doing laundry, but rain showers are coming in — I guess my sheet will have a good rain rinse before they dry :) That is good.