Party Land

The sail to Anse Chaudiere was mostly down wind. The last mile was rough with the swell coming round the island. This is party land on Sunday!!! All the power boats are rafted up in 6 or more rafts just off the shore and the music is blasting and everyone is swimming and drinking. Hopefully they break up at sunset. NOAA forecast didn't come in last night, so i hit the maritime mobile network to make sure my radio is working. I connected to a HAM site in upstate New York. So the radio is working, maybe it was the haze or solar flares that stopped me from receiving the weather update. Still no internet onboard. On Monday I'll go into the town of Anse D'arlet and see if I can connect. I'll also take the pups up there and see what type of grocery store they have. I'll move on to Ste. Anne/Marin once the winds calm down and that area will be my last stop in Martinique before heading to St. Lucia.
Cooking a roast tonight once the sun sets and the temps drop a bit. I haven't fired up the oven in a while cause of the heat. Hopefully it would be too bad, this roast is only 800g so it should cook rather quickly. I'll have it with potatoes and peas, maybe a sliced tomato as well.