Sunny Day with a bit of roll in the bay

SVG is awesome today. Sunny, cool and windy. PMB is really nice looking.
We will be there this afternoon for a puppy walk. The water is so clean. This is a sweet place to be. The bottom of the boat will be cleaned on Monday and then we will head down to some of the other Grenadine Islands. I was hoping they would be able to clean it today, but no. So we are stuck in this paradise for a couple more days. Its a hard life.
In the past Bequia was not the place to get fresh food cause the soil is not good and the rain is rare. But they import fresh stuff from St Vincent every day and the stands have great tomatoes, oranges, lettuce, peppers, mandarins, star fruit and paw paws. Every lunch has been a great salad and every breakfast has included star fruit or paw paw.
Today I went into town to find the "meat" man. He is only here on Saturdays. I picked up some fresh lamb chops and ground beef. I avoided the pork cause I still have lots in the freezer. Not sure what will be for dinner tonight. I'm debating heading to Mac's for lobster pizza :) and just keeping the meat in the freezer. The lamb chops were fresh and are in the fridge. They will be great on the grill.
I'm also doing laundry today. It is a two bucket day as I have to clean puppy towels and blankets as well as my clothing.