Mission to document change in Grenada

Daddy has been set on a Mission to see what Magazine Beach in Grenada looks like now. Daddy has two picture of Magazine beach from 1987. (Yes, my Daddy has been visiting Grenada for a very long time). I'm going to see if I can post them in order.. beach15 (file name) is taken on Magazine beach looking North towards St. George. beach16 is a picture from the exact same location, just a few second later, looking south. (This is back in the days of "print film".) Daddy now has been challenged to find that exact spot and reproduce these photos 30+ years later. Note that in these afternoon photos, the beach is not covered with foot prints.
Back then, there were only two houses with access to the beach and the house that Daddy stayed in had bullet holes in the walls from the 1983 invasion and the cook/maid (Cloe) for the house lost her Husband and Son in the invasion. Daddy was there every couple of years following, until they built the "REX GRENADA HOTEL"..... OKAY you are all waiting for the after picture.... (daddy)==>>(daddy/new/pictures )... Daddy has a job to do (now! he will finally leave us alone for a bit of time... NOT). It's a dawg's life anyway.