Parts are still not in

Here in St Marten awaiting parts, but they are not here yet. They should be in Miami at this time. So a few more days waiting in St. Marten (not bad). That is okay cause the weather is not good for sailing down island. I may have a sailing window this weekend if the parts are in and installed by then.
Jupiter is still sick, not nice, but we are dealing with the messes he makes. We will head out to explorer island early today (3PM) to let them play. I may bring a cold six pack with me so I can sit and relax while they play. Raining a bit today, I got soaked by a squall while returning with the groceries in the dink this morning. I have the boat set to put the rain water into the starboard H2O tanks; that will save me having to run the water maker to fill those tanks. Rain water also taste great and it is so soft for showering.