New auto pilot computer

I just installed a new auto pilot computer (AC42 SIMRAD) to replace my old Robertson J300. The old one was great until the wind instrument had to be replace, then I could not manage to get the wind data to the J300. It would complain that the NMEA syntax was wrong… The new one is NMEA2000 based and works with all the older linear drive, rudder sensor etc. It can also be controlled from the MFDs, but I decided to replace the dedicated auto pilot controller in the cockpit with the new model (AP24 SIMRAD).
I have to configure the unit… but that will happen later today.
Finding a path for the wiring was really difficult; the conduit that runs to the nav station is totally full of wire. I thought about running the cable to the cockpit instrument, but that wasn't an option. After a bit of though and the removal of the CATV cables the PO had in the boat, plus the removal of a spare ethernet cable, i was able to get the NMEA 2000 cable run through to the nav station where it connect to the main CAN bus.
But as usual, when you start one project you always find the next project. I found that the engine water anti-siphon hose is dry rotted and starting to show some signs of rust, so I'll be replacing those hoses now that I have the cockpit lockers emptied.
Today, I emptied the storage locker I rented for the A2B race. Now I have to get all that stuff back onto the boat. I'll evaluate some of it (do I really need it?).