Spun the Prop on the Tohatsu

Yep apparently I "spun" the prop on my 9.8 Tohatsu in just over one year. I've only hit two rock and that was a long time ago and didn't put anything more than 1/16 of an inch nick in one of the blades. Yes, we run onto hog island, but the engine is kicked into neutral as we coast up and I always pull the motor up. I'll be heading to the Chandlery on Monday to get a new prop. I think I will get two of them since they clearly only last for one year.
I'm claiming initial victory over the ticks! Though last night they mounted a counter offensive to my doggy shampoo and hair cuts. Yes last night they sent all available ticks to invade "MY" bed. I killed 24 ticks on my bed before going to sleep and got two more while sleeping.
This morning's tick count was only 8 prior to inspecting the puppy beds. I don't count those, but they were down as well. But today we did fully puppy body exams and in total I removed 64 ticks by 2PM today and sprayed the areas where the ticks were found with pesticide. Since then only 5 or 6 have been found. We will see what Sunday's count will be by 7:30 AM. Poor Jupiter has some many bits and scabs from the bites it makes it hard to find new ticks on him. Cinco is easy with the white hair and short hair cut, but he still won't let me cut the hair on his feet or between his toes (he won't even let me inspect between his toes for ticks).