Oct 2017

Less rain today

Less rain today and hopefully all the stuff will dry out. The puppies went to the Vet today, Jupiter has to go back for full Vet appointment on Tuesday. Cinco got shots, meds, and new tags including a special Grenada Rabies Tag… I put them on him today. I think his is now okay to bite a few Grenadians :) .

Otherwise we are doing okay, Less rain today and we may see the meteor shower tonight.

Another rain day

The next tropical wave is coming over and this is going to be another rain day. No laundry today :) Periodic squalls are causing boats to drag their anchors.
Overall this has been a very wet week here in Grenada.

Another rain day

We have had a few tropical waves pass over us or just to our north in the last week. The current one going over the islands should be off to our west by this evening. This one has lots of drizzle and some strong winds. We have had a steady chop in the bay that made the morning dink ride to the farmers market a bit wet. A big Cat next to us started dragging two anchors when the winds kicked up to 30+kts. They have moved now. I don't think they were in a good spot for anchoring.
We are not going to the beach today. The morning dog walk was at the Farmer's market and the evening walk will be when I go out for dinner tonight. The Hog island beach is too far away in this chop and we will all get soaked going there and coming back. The puppies won't mind as long as they get the freshly cooked puppy jambalaya.

Dinner tonight

Dinner tonight is Cassoulet de Castelnaudary au Confit de Canard du Sud-Ouest. It should be Yummy!!! It has cooled down a couple of degrees in the past two days, so it is okay to eat Cassoulet :)

Raining most of the day

So we have tanks full of fresh rain water and I have been working inside the boat on the freezer and a few lights that need new switches. Cooking puppy food to use up some of the chicken out the freezer and charging batteries with the little generator. It is 5PM and the thunder has started, so I guess we will have more rain coming. Hmm, I'm looking at the Barbados Radar and more rain later on tonight.
I had fish and chips at Taffy's last night… Yummy, no little nuggets of fish, this was a full fillet with thick fries and salad.

Have to make some new puppy appointments

The dogs are going to need there Rabies tests (annual for international travel). So I have to set up and appointment for them. The blood work has to be sent off to the US for testing and then wait for the results to be mailed back to me. Six to eight weeks are needed to get the results.
Not much else going on, minor boat projects and I have to start planning to provision the boat for a trip back up island. I'll probably post more info on the provision planning and process later this month.

Hog Island

Yesterday we had Lambis Roti on Hog Island for 15EC each. Picture to follow. Then today, Sunday, is the normal party day at Rodger's Beach Bar on Hog Island. Today they had a band and the usual chicken and ribs… but today they also had grilled lobster. So I had the grilled lobster and it was sweet. It was served with bread fruit salad (aka potato salad), rice and peas (pidgin peas), and pasta and cheese with a bottle of hot sauce on the side and a cold beer or two.
The dogs like it there on Sunday cause they get to see friends and also get to bark at lots of strangers.

Spare parts

I have a bad cell monitor on my batteries. I know I have replacements but I can't find them. I have rigged around the control for now so that the batteries work and I have re-re-packed the V berth.