Sorry for not posting in a while

The old man I've been looking after since he showed up at my boat on Boxing day 2018 and said he had brain cancer and would need my help… He comes from a totally dis-functional family. I fully supported him and got him on Chemo at my expense and the donation of other cruisers. By June (after 10K to 12K of expense) he was self sufficient. He paid for his own chemo in July.
In Aug he lost his ATM card cause he is losing his memory and didn't know his PIN code. I've been looking out for him and have saved his life many times since Dec 2018. But in Aug he began losing his memory. Since Aug I've been spending 4 to 8 hours a day caring for him (full blown dementia). 2 days after losing his ATM card he developed a potentially life threatening staff infection in his knee. I and the Dr.s treated him. I would rather gut a pig and clean the intestines for sausage then debrade a staff infection the size of a grape fruit… Once again I saved his life and tried to get his family to support him. He decided to go back to America on Aug 31. He just flew out today (and I opened a bottle of Rum when I saw the plane fly overhead). After coughing up $5000 and only asking to be paid for the money I spend since August (an additional $1400), the daughter didn't offer a penny and she bitched when I gave her the Vet bill for $200 that I paid cause they had to take him to the hospital while I was caring for the dog. She has not paid my expense to clear his dog into the US or for may expenses feeding him and caring for his medical bills in Aug and Sept after she had been here in Grenada for the last week. I was paying for his food. She didn't even buy me a beer!!!
Next time some old fart comes to my boat and says he has XXXX cancer and needs my help, I'm going to tell him to fuck off.