Great vist from Jane and Gene today off the Cruise Ship

Jane and Gene showed up in Grenada this morning. Chico and I picked them up and gave them a tour of the South side of the island as they were here only for a few hours. I think they may come back for a hotel room and a longer stay some time in the future. It was awesome and they are bringing a couple chocolate bars back to the USA to send to Sandy and Ashley (Sandy thinks she knows chocolate but has never tasted the world's best made here in Grenada). After a tour of the spices and the Grand Etang, we had lunch at Umbrellas on the beach. This is the first burger I've had in a long time. It was SWEET!!! Blue cheese and all was woofed down quickly with a couple of beers serve on island time… and I'm still burping the blue cheese. That was my first time at Umbrellas on the Grand Anse beach - Nice pub on the beach and it has a bigger menu that I thought it would have. Here is a picture of Jane and Gene looking at the falls in Annandale.