Busy Morning

I got copies of my pump invoice and dinked them over to LaFeur Blue to get the customs C14 paper work. The I dinked across Hog island to Secret Harbor and walked up to the Bank then to E-zone to pick up my pump. While I was that far up the road I then walked down to True Blue to see the Vet and get more meds for the puppies and make an appointment for their annual checkup and vaccinations. Then on the way back I hit the Brewery at about 12:30 for a big glass of water and an "old mongoose." That made the last part of the walk up to hill and back to Secret Harbor much easier… Then dinked back home to see the puppies. Just now getting home at about 1:30pm. All of this walking a mess saved me over $ECD 500 in duties and taxes for a pump. Time to have ice tea, water and something for lunch.