Winds are Changing

The wind has shifted 180 degrees today. This has caused several boats to drag. The Cruising community here is awesome, they all chip in to help secure the boat that is dragging and minimize damage. But this requires some degree of trust. If you leave your boat, then you should leave with the "windless" powered on and the key in the ignition of the boat ready to be started at any time. This will allow anyone to take your boat, but at the same time will allow cruisers to save your boat when needed and you are not on board. So you are having dinner in Grand Case and your boat starts dragging…. If you locked her up solid and turned the windless and engine key's off then you are doomed. If you left them on then cruisers will save your boat.
If anyone takes your boat, there is a very good chance you will find them as most offshore boats are document vessels and can be tracked by their electronics MMSI and other info. So if you take my boat I will hunt you down and kill you… A friend will share a beer with you. A really good friend will help you dispose of a body… and cruisers have lots of really good friends :)