More Rain today

I think this is not the heart of the tropical wave. All the water tanks are full!!! The clouds are low and full of rain, the humidity is very high. The clouds we have had produce short burst of rain and then light drizzle. Yesterday the really big clouds were just north of us. Filled with lightning. It appears that Martinique was the target for those storms.
I'm thawing out chicken for puppy jambalaya, so I'll be cooking this morning. Hopefully the rain will let up and I can go to town and run a couple of small errands and start my sewing projects.
Last I saw of the weather, this wave was going off to the west by Tuesday.
Doggies are officially in the country, we met the vet at the Rodney Bay dock today and she checked the puppies and scanned their chips. I have to pick up the official sealed document on Tuesday as the Customs office. I need to provision, there is a little dink dock near the mall and the Super J grocery store. I have enough fresh food for two more days, but I don't like being that low on snacks and supper.
Dink keeps losing air in the starboard tube. She is old and been through the ringer a few times. I'll stop by the store here and see how many boat dollars they want for a new AB-alum rib… If not I'll wait till I make it to Grenada.