Import Reguations for puppies

Well I bent on the Genoa… Now for puppy regulations, the pups have a USDA checkup appointment on Thursday of next week. Their blood was sent to Univ Kansas for rabies testing. All of this has to return in the next couple of weeks to import them to the BVI. I'm in email communication with the BVI national Vet to see what options I may have if the result are not ready until after I have departed (after all it is a 2 week trip down there). I'm hoping the UK rabies test are returned in the next two weeks as that is what the BVI's are most interested in knowing.
Today will be work on the mast before hoisting the main, making some changes to the location of the Batt Mgnt System (BMS) and pulling and servicing the bilge pumps.
Friday the pups go to October camp for a few days. So Friday I will pull the main floor boards to service the engine and generator.