Removed the wind generator and radar

Danger is now over, I managed to remove the radar and wind generator by myself. It took two days to plan and execute. Thanks to a mesh laundry bag for the radar and a lot of really cleverly tied lines the wind generator only moved about 5 inches when I popped the last bolt. I then used the lines to get her to mid-ship. I'm now taking a break after starting to disassemble her down into parts for storage.
This is a great relief, I'm not sure how much longer it would have been up there as is was slowly twisting to port and that was allowing the U-bolt to bend the steel plate and start to move from being horizontal to about 30 or 40 deg.
I should be able to sail to Dominica with no problem or worries now. But I will not have radar (but this a day trip) or the Wind Generator powering everything.
Eventually I'll get this figured out. And I'll build in safe guards so that when it fails at sea I can dispatch the system properly.