Anchor Locker projects done

But like most boat project, you open up one and three more show up. It appears that the house pipe for the chain allows water into the anchor locker. Not unexpected especially when taking green water over the deck. But the windless insulation for the power cables are mounted from the bottom of the unit. They are holding salt water and that is causing the connectors to rust. I cleaned them up and greased them to prevent further damage. Also cleaned the case of the windless and covered it with oil to prevent rust. Then I cut a small hole in each to the insulators to allow water to drain out of them. My project to replace the bow light wiring didn't work out at all as planned. I couldn't pull the old wiring out of the pulpit more than 1/4 inch even after spraying TFL into the tubes. So instead I stripped more wire of the existing wires and then remade the connection and sealed the connections with Anchor Heat Shrink tubing. That should last a couple of years. I'll have to deal with that next time I'm on the hard for a few weeks and can remove the pulpit.
I also had to clean the Anchor locker as it has lots of mold from being the cold spot in the boat for the last winter. Clorox and a few towels… But i should take a fresh water hose into the locker and soap it down completely.