Emptied the V-berth

I found my Cameras in the V-berth, YEH!!! I figured they were located there, but couldn't prove it until they were actually found. Today is a rug, puppy blanket, puppy bed wash day as well as some other small projects. Jupiter was sick for the past two days so there is lots to clean. He is doing better today, back to his old playful happy self. I'm waiting for parts still, I haven't heard back from Budget Marine on that yet. I need to run into Marigot in the next couple of days to pick up a few items. I also need to check out the furnace. It didn't fire up yesterday to make hot water. I hope it is not the air compressor (that was the cause of the problem 3 years ago and the compressor is not cheap or easy to replace). I'll run the engine this afternoon to get hot water and top up the batt bank. Windy again today, but very few clouds. It was 77 deg F this morning and that is COLD! Once you get use to the warm temps anything below 80 deg feels cold.
I can't get FaceTime to connect. Will try Skype later today with Jolene.