Toys found

In My frantic search for the repair kit for the outboard motor I found these. The upper is "Flosty the SnowMobile Man" this was Jupiter's FAVORITE toy while he could still see. Jupiter would never let Cinco play with him cause Cinco would perform a squeekectemy on him. Jupiter used to hide him from Cinco. His squeeky still works since 2004!
Below is "Abstract Squirrel", Cinco's favorite toy and Cinco used him to teach Jupiter about Squirrels when he was just 6 month old. At the kitchen sliding door SQ's would climb on the screen and torment Cinco and Jupiter. Cinco ran down stairs and got Abstract Squirrel and showed him to Jupiter and he would shake him hard, put him down, then bark at the Squirrels on the screen door. Cinco was smart.
I am going bring these to their resting place when the winds calm down.

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