All checked into Montserrat

I finally got in contact with the port and checked in and out for Monserrat. It cost about 50$ US and I'm good provided I leave by Tuesday morning. Not sure when I'll leave, I have to check weather and right now I have no Cell phone access for the Internet. I'm going to try my HAM radio later today to see if I can get some GIF files for the wind and waves. The weather was very calm and winds from the NE this morning. It is now blowing a bit more and from dead East. Text stop is Guadeloupe.
There is a great beach "Rendezvous Beach" just north of the main port. Cream colored sand and lots of it. Jupiter can't walk very far before he just stops and says he has to rest. This is not good, but otherwise he appears to be fine.
There is not much here. 2/3 of the island has been destroyed by the volcano multiple times in the last 20 years. They have 4 restaurants on the waterfront at the port, but they can't all open at the same time cause there aren't enough customers. When I pulled in on Friday there were 12 boat in the three northern bays, tonight there are only 8. After most of the folks fled the island cause of the destruction, I think their main export is pumice and ash from the volcano. The North end of this island is a beautiful place. The mountains are high and their is enough rain to support large trees. Green everywhere except the low hill near the very north of the island where there is more wind than rain.