No more vacation

As of today, Jupiter has claimed that the vacation is over. Now we have to get on to living this life. I guess its time to establish some routines and rules. Oh I'm going to miss the lazy mornings. According to Jupiter (the purser of SV Music) the vacation is over and now I have to get busy with all the boat repairs and we have to move on to St. Martins… So we have to go to Road Town this week to get parts and then to Nanny Cay to get the Vet document for the next country. Waiting for Nanny Cay to confirm my slip next week.

I've been listening to Xmass music today. Doesn't feel like Xmass here in the warm tropics. All the same, I'll have to pull out the decorations in the next day or two and get the Xmass feeling going.