Temps are dropping finally

The past two weeks have been cooler than the previous 6 months. Last night the temps dropped in the boat to 75deg F. I had to use a sheet to stay warm. I hope we have a few more nights like that ahead. I don't like winter, but I sure do love a cool night.
Today I went to the ministry building in Grenada to extend my visa. Cinco's paper work is in St. Vincent, but not Jupiters. Don't go to the ministry complex on Monday! I had to stand in line for over an hour to pay my $25. They have to print a load of paper and each piece has to be signed, stamped and filed. I'm not sure what the folks ahead of me were paying for, but it took multiple stamps and paper. My visa renewal required 3 stamps and several pieces of paper at the treasury… plus more stamps and paper at immigration. Next time I'll do it on Wednesday.
Since I was on that mission, I also went into the City of St. George and putzed around a bit. I did some shopping and then hopped the Woburn Bus back home where I had a couple beers at Whisper Cove before going back to see the pups on the boat. The most important thing is that I got more frozen chicken for puppy Jambalaya!!! They will be happy for that.