Checked into the BVIs

Yeh, the puppies are "Expats." It took about 3 hours at customs and immigration to get this all done. That is expected here where everything is done on paper in triplicate.
So the dogs now have almost 2,000 ocean mile under their keels and are in a foreign country as visitors… Truly salty dogs!
I need to dig out the GoPro and start taking pictures.
I tried to catch a mooring ball by myself yesterday. That didn't work, the wind was blowing hard the the ball didn't have a pennant. So instead I dropped the hook. Once I got back from customs and immigration, a neighbor helped me move to a morning ball. Look like I'll stay here for a couple nights then move on.
The dink motor is making a lawnmower sound. I need to pop the top off and see what is going on.