Jupiter was sick for a couple of days

We had pukey's and poopies all over the boat for the past two days. He is much better now. I have to go the butcher to get some veal today. Yummy. I went on Wednesday but the butcher said the veal was not aged. So later today I expect to get some aged veal.
I have to get gas for the dink today so I will be heading to Secret Harbor after noon today to fill the cans. St. Vincent has Cinco's paper work but not Jupiters…. Still waiting for that before we head north in the Christmas winds. Varnish is slow as he has rained every day. I'll do some sanding today but no varnish.
I'm going to the Jab Jab village this Sunday for Christmas food and fun. It should be great. This time I'll be able to do the hike up the mountain for some pictures as my foot is all better now.