Hair cut day

Today was hair cut day, and I did a better job this time. But I cut toe nails as well and i got on toe on each of Cinco's hind feet a little to short and he yelped and then was bleeding for several minutes. Ouch. I'll have to be more careful with Cinco's toes in the future. This is the first time i've drawn blood. Cinco is busy licking his hind paws and Jupiter is going all around the boat finding every spot of blood and liking it clean.
Jupiter did pay me back for his hair cut. He is so cute now, but he peed on the rug… Full Bladder dump. I guess that will show Daddy who is boss on hair cut day!
I have to provision today and then head to the Saints on Saturday. Getting ready for a swim to wash all the itchy puppy hair off of me.
CarreFour had wine and chicken thighs (essential ingredient in puppy jambalaya). Wind it blowing again. I'll have to get the latest weather update from the sat system since Digicell SUCKS.
We will leave by 8:00 AM that give the pups time to go for a walk and daddy time to get everything loaded and secured. It should be about 25 miles to the Saints. We are planning to be there for a few days.