Sail from Montserrat to Guadeloupe

It was about 50 miles from point to point. The weather forecast was for winds from the East at 17 to 20kts. We motored up the the north tip of Montserrat and then motor sailed east for a bit with the waves bashing us until it was clear we would be clear of the rocks and the volcano exclusion zone. Then it was South-South East at about 156 deg to Montserrat. Reefed main and staysail was used and we maintained just over 5kts of speed. We hit several squalls where winds approached 30kts and all but once the direction of the wind remains 45 to 60 degrees apparent and we would make 6.5kts or more. Once squall clocked the wind to our nose so we had to fall off to maintain speed of 5kts. We left at 6:00AM and got here at 3:15PM. Really good speed and nice conditions. A few waves tried to rid me of some of my gear, but that was dealt with quickly. I need to find another way to place and secure my rib dink so she doesn't interfere with the head sheets.
I'll check in on Monday as everything official is closed on Sunday.