Live aboard to Sail Away, Part 5

Part 5:
Live aboard to Sail Away 46' or Less
“A ship is always referred to as a “she” because it costs so much to keep her in paint. [Admiral Chester Nimitz, the New York Times, May 24, 1959]

I'm a singlehanded sailor so the size of boat I can handle safely is a factor in my selection. Yes, I have two dogs, but they are useless at tailing the wenches and other boat chores! My mini-schnauzer are fully dependent upon me for their survival. Although I love them deeply, they are no help when it comes to sailing a boat and at times they get in the way. Many will argue that singlehanded sailing is not safe. Yes, there are risks, but I am currently single and will not let that stop me from sailing. If I happen to meet the love of my life while sailing, then I may have a partner in my adventures. Until then, I have two schnauzers that I love.

My minimum size for a boat is about 36' as this is a home and must be able to accommodate me for years to come. This is not a 2 week canoe trip through the wilderness where I could tolerate almost anything knowing that it was only for a few weeks. This is my life. Boats less than 36' in length do not provide the space I feel I need for long trips. In addition the smaller boats do not provide the basic comforts on my list. There are many older sea worthy boats in the 27 to 36' range, but they all appear to small to satisfy my long-term plans.