In VG!!!

We made it to BitterEnd Yacht Club today. Took 7 passes at a mooring ball (at 20+ kts) before I gave up and decided to anchor, it was getting dark.
The anchor dragged at 3X (at 30ft depth). I put out 5X and she still was dragging. Had to pull her up or be on shore. While pulling here up, the last 30ft, I was seeing billows of sand, and I was, so I was a bit confused as to why she was dragging until…. the anchor was just 10 ft down, there was clearly something fowled in the anchor. It was a huge mooring line with weed and barnacles growing on it. Once I got the anchor back on,sSomeone pulled up in a dink and offered to help me catch a mooring ball in the 20+kts of wind. I took them up on it.
Need Internet ACCESS!!!! NOW!!! I've been deprived for too long :)