Dec 2017

Sunday moring adventure

At 7:30 this morning a boat came by and said that we had to move cause a 200ft tow with a barge is coming in to port. I told them that his prop was fouled and they said they would help. So I started pulling up the anchor and cleaning the chain (lots of oysters, crabs and soft coral. The adventure started when the 90ft mark went into the locker and the chain stop hard (we are only in 24ft of water). So I waited for a few minutes and the wave action and the boat bobbing eventually broke it lose... As I pulled up the chain more I saw an anchor, but it wasn't my anchor!!! Our chain had wrapped twice through the flukes and once around another anchor that still was attached to a chain (and likely a sunken boat). After many tries the small boat came back and with some help and a few lines we managed to untangle the mess. Once I had the anchor up the boat wouldn't go forward (the prop is fouled with oysters). So with some more help we got towed about 200 ft back and reset the anchor. Great way to wake up on Sunday Morning ;)

Puppy encounter today

I saw a cute puppy come off the shopping taxi today at Whisper Cover while I was there for lunch and laundry. I pet the dog a few times. About 10 min later I went up to the bar to get a beer and the puppy was there. I reached down to pet her/him and then I picked her/him up (about 8lbs of fuzz). The man next to me yelled at me and grabbed the dog away from me saying that I was not to pick up his dog. He stormed off cursing and made lots of obscene gestures and noises. I turned to the woman on my right (his wife) and said I'm sorry. She said it's not your problem it's his. If he treats his dog like this, I wander what is wife's life is like.
Wow some people have serious problems!

Temps are dropping finally

The past two weeks have been cooler than the previous 6 months. Last night the temps dropped in the boat to 75deg F. I had to use a sheet to stay warm. I hope we have a few more nights like that ahead. I don't like winter, but I sure do love a cool night.
Today I went to the ministry building in Grenada to extend my visa. Cinco's paper work is in St. Vincent, but not Jupiters. Don't go to the ministry complex on Monday! I had to stand in line for over an hour to pay my $25. They have to print a load of paper and each piece has to be signed, stamped and filed. I'm not sure what the folks ahead of me were paying for, but it took multiple stamps and paper. My visa renewal required 3 stamps and several pieces of paper at the treasury… plus more stamps and paper at immigration. Next time I'll do it on Wednesday.
Since I was on that mission, I also went into the City of St. George and putzed around a bit. I did some shopping and then hopped the Woburn Bus back home where I had a couple beers at Whisper Cove before going back to see the pups on the boat. The most important thing is that I got more frozen chicken for puppy Jambalaya!!! They will be happy for that.

This evening Christmas Celebration

I went to the Jab Jab village again, but this time was for a traditional christmas feast. Wow it was a great celebration. Nikki and Jamie went shopping yesterday. They picked up a young pig and put it in the trunk of the car then did lots of other shopping. Nikki said the car broke down twice and she had the hear the pig squealing in the trunk. Oh that pig was yummy.
They boiled on hind quarter in salt water for the sliced ham with home made rolls. We also had calalou, slaw, potato salad, bread fruit salad, stuffed and roasted bread fruit, BBQ chicken, BBQ lambis and black cake. Black cake is like fig cake but denser and with a bottle for red wine and two bottles of OP rum poured over it. The rest of the pig was roasted in two different seasonings, one with hot peppers, the other with garlic and sage. Just getting home now at 10:30 PM after leaving at 1:00 today. So here are a few pictures of the food and once shot of some of the gang there to eat. Starting with Black cake.


The most important language to lean for the Caribbean is English then French followed by German. I never realized how important my French would be until traveling down here.
The French islands are great, good food, good shopping and pet friendly! Spanish is almost never heard in the islands.

Jupiter was sick for a couple of days

We had pukey's and poopies all over the boat for the past two days. He is much better now. I have to go the butcher to get some veal today. Yummy. I went on Wednesday but the butcher said the veal was not aged. So later today I expect to get some aged veal.
I have to get gas for the dink today so I will be heading to Secret Harbor after noon today to fill the cans. St. Vincent has Cinco's paper work but not Jupiters…. Still waiting for that before we head north in the Christmas winds. Varnish is slow as he has rained every day. I'll do some sanding today but no varnish.
I'm going to the Jab Jab village this Sunday for Christmas food and fun. It should be great. This time I'll be able to do the hike up the mountain for some pictures as my foot is all better now.

Renewed my cruising permit for one more month

St. Vincent has Cinco's papers but not Jupiter's papers. So I renewed the cruising permit today for another month and will have to extend my visa for another month next week. Hopefully the paper work will be in place some time in the next week or two so we can head out to the Grenadines. Rain today again so not much varnishing done. My foot is feeling great so I'll hop on the radar pole and reinstall the top plate. Had curried tuna on Grateful last night before we went to Nimrods for the music and beer.

Rain Rain go away

Raining all morning. This has delayed the varnish, but filled the water tanks. Done with the antibiotics and my foot is doing well so far. I'm still waiting for the paper work for the puppies before we move on. I also have to mount the new stainless steel modification for the radar pole.

Almost done with my antibiotics

Yeh, it will be nice to be off the antibiotics. I still have some soreness in my foot but no signs of infection. The dogs and I have gone to the beach a couple times this week - I feel comfortable getting my foot wet in salt water.